Something you have to know about sorbitol

Sorbitol, which can be reduced from glucose, is widely distributed in pears, peaches and apples and contains about 1%~2%. It’s as sweet as glucose, but it feels strong. It is slowly absorbed and utilized in the body, and the blood glucose level does not increase. It is also a better moisturizer and surfactant.

Where is the sorbitol manufacturer

Where to buy sorbitol powder

It was one of the first glycols to be allowed as a food additive in Japan, used to enhance the moisturizing properties of food, or as a thickening agent. Can be used as a sweetener, as is often used to make sugarless chewing gum. It is also used as a moisturizer and excipient for cosmetics and toothpaste, and can be used as glycerin substitute.

The synthetic methods

1. The prepared 53% glucose aqueous solution was added to the autoclave, and the nickel catalyst with 0.1% glucose weight was added. After the replacement of the air, at about 3.5 MPa, 150 ℃, pH8.2 8.4 under the condition of hydrogenation, end point control of residual sugar under 0.5%. The sorbitol solution was prepared by ion exchange resin after precipitation for 5min. Raw material consumption quota: 19kg/t of hydrochloric acid, 36kg/t of liquid alkali, 6kg/t of solid alkali, 3kg/t of al/ni alloy powder, 518kg/t of oral sugar, and 4kg/t of activated carbon.

2. Refined glucose from starch saccharification, obtained by continuous or intermittent hydrogenation at medium pressure.

3. 53% of the glucose solution (ph = 8.2 ~ 8.4 with lye tunes in advance) and glucose 0.1% quality of nickel  alumina catalyst to join the autoclave, exhaust air after reaction, control temperature 150 ℃, pressure is 3.5 MPa,

When the glucose content is less than 0.5%, the reaction reaches the end point. Static precipitation, filtration. Filtrate with strongly acidic styrene type cation exchange resin 001 x 7 and strong alkaline series ammonium anion exchange resin 201 x 7 Ⅰ type refined, remove impurities such as nickel, iron, a quick finished D – mountain plow alcohol.


1. It can be used as the raw material for the production of vitamin C. It can also be used as raw material of industrial surfactant to produce spain-like and tween surfactants. Sorbitol, with its moisturizing properties, can replace glycerin and is used in the production of toothpaste, cigarettes and cosmetics. Using sorbitol and epoxy propane as raw materials, the rigid polyurethane foam plastics with certain flame retardant property can be produced. In the food industry, it can be used as sweetener, moisturizer, chelator and tissue improver. In the pharmaceutical industry, sorbitol produced by nitrification is a drug for treating coronary heart disease. Food additives, cosmetic raw materials, organic synthetic raw materials, moisturizers, solvents, etc.

2. Nutritive sweeteners, wetting agents, chelating agents and stabilizers. It is a special sweetener with moisturizing function. In the human body does not convert to glucose, is not controlled by insulin, suitable for diabetic people to use. Applicable for pastry, with maximum usage of 5.0g/kg; Maximum usage of 0.5g/kg in fish mince and products. It can also be used as defoaming agent for sugar making, brewing and soybean production. It can also be used to moisturize raisins, thicken liquor and cool drinks, to preserve aroma, as well as candy and chewing gum.

3. Synthetic resin and plastics, separation and analysis of oxygen-containing compounds at low boiling point, etc. Also used as gas chromatography fixative fluid, thickening agent, hardener, insecticide.

4. Used as a gas chromatographic fixative for the separation and analysis of oxygen-containing compounds, amine compounds, nitrogen or oxygen-heterocyclic compounds at low boiling points. Also used in organic synthesis.

Use as a humidifier for toothpaste, cosmetics and tobacco. It is a substitute for glycerin. It is more moisturizing and has better taste. It can be used with other moisturizers to obtain synergistic effects. It is also used in the pharmaceutical industry as a raw material for making vitamin C.

6. Diuretic dehydrating agent. Used for treatment of brain edema and increased intracranial pressure, increased intraocular pressure for treatment of glaucoma, as well as edema and oliguria with normal heart and kidney function.


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