The function and effect of xylitol


Do diabetes sweetener xylitol, nutritional supplements, and auxiliary agents: xylitol is human body sugar metabolic intermediates, without insulin affect glucose metabolism in the body, do not need to promote insulin, xylitol can also through the cell membrane, absorbed by the organization to use, promote the synthesis of glycogen yuan, to the nutrition and energy for cells, and will not cause a rise in blood sugar levels, eliminate the sanduo symptoms of diabetes after taking (food, drinks, urine), is the most suitable for people with diabetes eat nutritional sugar substitute.

Improved liver function

Xylitol can promote the synthesis of liver glycogen, blood glucose will not rise, and it can improve the liver function and anti-fatty liver in patients with liver diseases. It has obvious curative effect in treating hepatitis b, chronic hepatitis b and liver cirrhosis, and is an ideal auxiliary drug for patients with hepatitis complications.

Anticaries function

The anti-caries properties of xylitol work best among all sweeteners. First of all, xylitol cannot be used by the bacteria producing caries in the mouth to inhibit the growth of streptococci and the production of acids. When second chew xylitol, can promote the secretion of saliva, much saliva can flush the bacteria in the mouth and teeth, can also increase saliva and dental caries spots of alkaline amino acid and ammonia concentration, at the same time to slow down in the mouth PH value, teeth by neutralizing dilute acid, inhibit the bacteria in the tooth surface adsorption, acid corrosion, thus reducing the teeth to prevent tooth decay and reduce the formation of plaque, consolidate the teeth.

Lose weight function

Xylitol provides energy for the human body, synthesizes glycogen, reduces the consumption of protein in fat and liver tissue, makes liver protected and repaired, reduces the generation of harmful ketone body in human body, won’t be worried about gaining weight because of edible. Can be widely used in food, medicine, light industry and other fields. Compared with normal granulated sugar, xylitol has the advantage of low calories — it only contains 2.4 calories per gram, 40% less than most other carbohydrates. Therefore, xylitol can be used in all kinds of diet food as a substitute of high-calorie white sugar.

So where to buy xylitol? I’ll tell you about a manufacturer with a history of more than ten years,it is a chinese vitamins and food additives manufacturer.


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