How to use sorbitol

Application in food industry
Sorbitol has hygroscopicity, so the addition of sorbitol in food can prevent food from drying and cracking, so as to keep food fresh and soft. Use in bread cake, have apparent effect.
Sorbitol is less sweet than sucrose and is not used by some bacteria. It is a good raw material for sweet confectionery in the production area and an important raw material for sugar-free confectionery.
Sorbitol contains no aldehyde group, is not easily oxidized, and does not react with amino acids in maillard reaction when heated. Have certain physiology activity, can prevent the denaturation of carotenoid and edible adipose and protein, sorbitol is added in concentrated milk can prolong shelf life, can improve the color fragrance of small intestine, have apparent stability and long-term preservation effect to fish meat sauce. The same is true of preserves.
Sorbitol metabolism does not cause elevated blood glucose and can be used as sweetener and nutritive agent in diabetic food.

Where to buy sorbitol powder?

Wuhan mengqi Biotechnology Co. Ltd is a chinese vitamins and food additive manufacturer.

Application in chemical industry
Sorbitol and propylene oxide as starting materials can produce polyurethane rigid foam plastics, and has certain flame retardant properties. Sorbitol and esters of synthetic fatty acids that can replace flax oil for the production of oil alkyd resin paints. Sorbitol rosin is often used in building coatings.
Sorbitol grease is used as plasticizer and lubricant in PVC resin and other polymers. Sorbitol is complexated with iron, copper and aluminum ions in alkaline solution and used in bleaching and washing of textile industry.


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