Natural plant extract knowledge

First, the active ingredients of plant extracts

1.1 alkaloids
That is, plant alkali, an alkaline nitrogen-containing organic compound, is an active ingredient of Chinese herbal medicine. Features: colorless, odorless, generally insoluble in water.
1.2 flavonoids
Flavonoids are widely found in various parts of plants, especially flowers and leaves. With a variety of biological activities: antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, antihypertensive, anti-oxidation, detoxification, anti-cancer, anti-cancer and so on.
1.3 polysaccharides
A polysaccharide compound consisting of more than 10 monosaccharides. Such as polysaccharides, fiber. Role: lower serum cholesterol, anti-cancer and anti-cancer, regulate immunity.
1.4 甙 class
A substance that combines sugar with a substance (phenols, flavonoids). Chemical properties: colorless, odorless, soluble in water and ethanol.

1.5 volatile oils
Essential oil, which is volatile, can be distilled from water vapor, and most of it has aroma.

Second, the main plant extract products

Konjac extract — delays glucose absorption, reduces postprandial blood sugar obesity, low calorie, and increases satiety.
Tartary buckwheat —– – lower blood sugar, lower blood fat, enhance immunity.
Bitter melon — clear eyes and clear heart, benefit the spleen and kidney.
Lotus leaves — heat and fire, eliminate trouble and thirst.
Rhodiola — blood circulation to stop bleeding, clear lung and cough.
Angelica — — blood and blood circulation, regulating menstruation and relieving pain, laxative.
Astragalus ————clear heat, dampness, detoxification, and fetus.

Third, the production process of plant extracts

1. Water extraction: good water solubility, (polysaccharides, organic acids, saponins, phenols, tannins, proteins)
2. Organic solvent extraction: ethanol extraction – phenols, tannins, organic acids,
Petroleum ether – 萜, fatty oil,

Fourth, the application of plant extracts

Plant medicines, health products, beverages, food additives, daily necessities, cosmetics.

Fifth,the Plant extract manufacturer

Wuhan mengqi Biotechnology Co. Ltd is a Top Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company, is a professional plant extract manufacturer.


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