Plant extract, Chinese herbal extract manufacturer

Plant extract, Chinese herbal extract manufacturer-Wuhan Mengqi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production and research and development of plant extracts and traditional Chinese medicine extracts. The company’s products involve plant active ingredient monomers, standard plant extracts, Three series of proportional plant extracts.
Products are widely used in medicine, health food, cosmetic care products, food and beverage and animal feed to meet the needs of many industries.
Plant extracts, Chinese herbal extracts manufacturers – Wuhan Mengqi Biotechnology has increased its position in the industry by relying on its own strength, making its plant extracts become a well-known brand, and its production mode has never been exceeded. Step into the international first.
The company has passed the national laboratory accreditation, ISO9001 certification, HALAL certification, HACCP certification, FAMI-QS certification, KOSHER certification. The company’s products meet the requirements of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, World Health Organization and national standards, more than 60% of exports, mainly exported to Europe, America, Australia and Russia, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, some countries and regions, exporting foreign exchange in the forefront of the national plant extract industry . Wuhan Mengqi Bio provides a favorable space for the good development of the company with its high-tech talents, technical and scientific research advantages and superior geographical environment.


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