Argireline, 5MG 10MG
Product Name: Argireline
CAS: 616204-22-9
MF: C{46}H{56}N{12}O{6}
MW: 888.99

Product Details

Cosmestic Peptide Argireline CAS 616204-22-9 in 5MG Argireline Acetate

Argireline, 5MG 10MG
Product Name: Argireline
Synonyms: Ac-Glu-Glu-Met-Glu-Arg-Arg-NH2;N-Acetyl-L-alpha-glutamyl-L-alpha-glutamyl-L-methionyl-L-glutaminyl-L-arginyl-L-argininamide;Argireline;Argireline acetate Ac-Glu-Glu-Met-Arg-Arg-NH2;Argireline Acetate anti-aging cosMetic peptide;Argirelin Acetate(Acetyl Hexapeptide-3);Acetyl Hexapeptide;Acetyl Hexapeptide-8
CAS: 616204-22-9
MF: C{46}H{56}N{12}O{6}
MW: 888.99

Product Application:

Reduce wrinkles caused by the contraction of facial muscle depth, forehead and around the eyes, especially in the.A safer, cheaper, moderate alternatives in a very different way of local action mechanism for the formation of wrinkles.Added as an emulsion, gel, serum, etc. in cosmetic formulations, in order to eliminate deep wrinkles to achieve the desired effect, or around the eyes or forehead wrinkles in. Decreased from facial wrinkles caused by muscle contraction depth, especially in the forehead and around the eyes.

Product Description:

Argireline is the trade name for Acetyl Hexapeptide-3, a synthetic anti-aging cosmetic peptide derived from natural proteins. It is a peptide chain made up of amino acids. Argireline has been shown in research studies to help decrease the visible effects of aging by helping to reduce the deep wrinkles and lines that occur around the forehead and eyes. Resultanty, a large number of cosmetics companies include Argireline in the formulation of their anti-aging products. These products include creams, lotions, serums, body milks, eye creams, gels and emulsions.

Chemically, when applied as a solution to specific areas of the face, Argireline inhibits the reactions that cause muscles to move or contract – for example when forming facial expressions such as smiling or frowning. In theory, repetitive muscle movements create lines and wrinkles and it is believed the attenuation of muscular contractions can reduce the depth of existing wrinkles and prevent the formation of new lines. Research studies have found that Argireline has been shown to produce a significant anti-aging effect. within the skin

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